Hustle & Co are all about storytelling… we carefully handpick our supply-chain and are totally drawn to creative, forward-thinking suppliers who have amazing products, that have a great story.

We’re proud to partner York Coffee Emporium for our house barista coffee.  These guys are crazily good at what they do and they have an excellent approach to first-class customer service and a can-do attitude.

We love our Fairtrade, Single Origin Peruvian arabica but not just because it’s medium roast with notes of almond, honey, apricot and milk chocolate, but because we adore the story of sisterhood and accomplishment of the producers. Café Femenino is a co-operative set up in 2004 by female coffee producers across Peru. Originating in Cecanor, their aim is to educate and empower the next generation of women working within Peru's coffee trade. For what was seemingly a male dominant industry, the women of Café Femenino worked towards equality and economic power.

Our house Decaf is 100% Arabica from Guatemala, decaffeinated using the organic Swiss WaterProcess. So, thanks to scientific research and creativity, it’s possible to have decaf coffee that tastes the same – just without the caffeine! Our decaf is truly yummy with flavour notes of milk chocolate, plum and caramel.


Our popular blend, Amunra; the clever performance coffee that’s been created in the lab and perfect in the roastery; expertly combining the benefits of caffeine & polyphenols, making Almunra a standout coffee to enhance performance, aid recovery & increase productivity.


Almunra is very popular with our Hustle lovelies as a pre- or post-work-out hit, a wake-up brew whilst making the morning office commute or an afternoon caffeine injection to help drive productivity and keep focus, as recommended by our founder, Nici who is often heard saying ‘literally couldn’t get through a working day without an Almunra flat white!’


Our Speciality Latte’s & Shotts: Who doesn’t love a creamy, healthy, nutritious and colourful green, yellow or pink latte with signature art foam?  Hustle & Co just love the story, the branding and of course the taste of the Blendsmith’s Matcha, Turmeric and Beetroot blends.  They are truly divine!  Available to buy retail size.


The cool and clever team at Henny & Joe’s in Bath bring us our vegan chia syrup.  It’s handmade using traditional methods of decoction and 100% natural ingredients, giving us chai lovers a therapeutic experience and a beautifully blended taste that is like no other. We use our chai syrup in lots of our dishes and bakes, like our speciality Gluten-free buckwheat pancakes with masala chia spiced pear and cashew whip. Or enjoy it as a specialist latte and let the deep rich, pungent spices warm you on a cold winter morning!


Our coffee syrups are by SHOTTS, enabling you to have coffee, your way!  Based in New Zealand, the company ethically produce and are highly accredited and certified.  Their products have absolutely no artificial flavourings, colours or sweeteners – music to our ears as we hate all those E-numbers, substitutes and un-natural nasties.  SHOTTS are all about excitement & you can really taste each distinctive flavour; from a dreamy hot-chocolate with a shot of flamed orange or a smooth and silky white chocolate, oat-milk latte, you will be as hooked as us at exploring the rest of their flavours!


Our Eggs:


We sell dozens and dozens daily!  Hustle & Co is fast becoming known as the best brunch destination in Harrogate and brunch wouldn’t mean the same without perfect poachies!  When it came to selecting our egg supplier, there was never any doubt; it had to be the award-winning Ian Taylor from Burton Leonard. Ian’s founding story is one of determination and hard work. He’s been providing consistently fresh, high quality eggs since 1996 and his reputation has earned him the supplier of choice for so many local independent retailers.  Oh, and our eggs have only travelled 10 miles to be delivered, helping us stay focused on our positive eco footprint.



Our Milk:


Wanting to build a reputation for serving great premium coffee, we knew we needed to partner a premium dairy for the supply of our cow’s milk.  We’re proud to be supplied by Acorn Dairy’s award-winning, organic Barista range of whole and skimmed milk.  The Barista milk is technically distinctive compared to the standard organic milk; it’s blended for silky-smooth and long-lasting micro foam (holding our beautiful latte art designs!), that has an optimised fat and protein ratio, which compliments the coffee beans flavour. Perfect for our busy barista trade.

Our milk alternatives are of equally high-quality.  We offer Alpro Barista Soya, Coconut, Almond and Oatly Barista to ensure the best foam and taste.


Our Fruit & Veg:


With over 70 years’ experience and a superb reputation for quality and consistency, C. Scruton in Leeds was an easy choice. As Hustle & Co craft their menus to suit seasonal produce, the good people at Scruton’s are always on hand to provide our kitchen team with expert advice and because they work directly with the growers, they can ensure our produce arrives fresh and flavoursome. 

Our Meat:


Sykes House Farm is a family business now in it's third generation.  It's gradually established itself as one of the best-known catering butchers in Yorkshire. As we’re all taking more of an interest in where our food comes from, traceability is vital to our business and we know Sykes House Farm can provide it thanks to their deep and long-standing involvement in the whole supply chain, from the producer through to the plate. 


Our Smoked Produce: Set amidst the beautiful Blubberhouses Moor lies Mackenzies Yorkshire Smokehouse, a family business creating superb smoked and cured foods. For more than 25 years they have pioneered and created some of the finest smoked foods available. Using traditional methods of curing and smoking, burning only pure oak chips to ensure the best natural flavours, they pride themselves on producing outstanding oak smoked foods free from artificial colours and flavourings. 


Our Cheese & Charcuterie:


We’re delighted to be working with the award-winning independent cheese monger Cryer & Stott; a family run business based in Castleford, West Yorkshire. With over 700 cheeses stocked, many of which are Cryer & Stott exclusives, it’s quite hard to stick to a tight cheese board list.   Yorkshire Cask – A mature cheddar blended with Leeds Brewery Boycott Ale and wholegrain mustard is our absolute favourite; we serve it as a rarebit on our fantastic multi-grain sourdough.  

Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 19.45.01.png


Forged in Wakefield is the Husband and Wife team; Gary and Victoria who have worked really hard to develop and produce their own range of small batch craft gins.  We love their story and their products so much we’ve boldly taken the decision to make Forged in Wakefield the only gin brand on our shelves.

Before you decide if we’re crazy for being single gin -brand stocked; here’s the facts that left us in no doubt why their gins were worthy of being promoted alone…

  • There’s no sugar added to their gin!  Relying instead on the sweetness of the natural fruit flavours infused with their gin. 

  • They do not use any artificial colourants of flavourings whatsoever!

  • Forged in Wakefield gins are all organically certified by the Organic Food Federation. 

  • Every one of their gin’s are certified Vegan approved by the Vegetarian society. 

  • Forged in Wakefield’s bottle and label exude luxe design and their branding is divine.

  • Forged in Wakefield gins are all crafted to be bursting with robust flavours and no flavour accompaniments in the glass are needed, just an equally premium brand tonic; we like to partner with Fever Tree.

  • This brand shares Hustle’s values ‘Northing added but Passion & Goodness’

  • We also retail our favourite flavours in 750cl or 20cl gift bottle sizes